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 fly reels with a wide range of line sizes and other special

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The fly fishing tackle on offer at the VOSSELER shop includes a wide variety of fly reels that differ considerably in terms of fly line feed and materials. You will also find a wide range of products with different line sizes and braking systems.

Automatic fly reels

When you buy fly fishing tackle in our shop, you can choose between automatic fly reels and traditional designs. You can also choose from high-quality products in a variety of materials such as carbon or aluminium. In our range, you will find light, medium and heavy fly reels, which can also be ordered with spare spools if required. Our attractive range also includes a selection of products with individual braking systems for dealing with currents of different strengths.

Fly fishing shop with automatic fly reels and traditional alternatives

Automatische Fliegenrolle

In the VOSSELER fly fishing shop, you will find both automatic fly reels and traditional alternatives, which you are welcome to order together with matching accessories. Our traditional models allow you to manually reel in the fly line in the normal manner. Our automatic fly reels take this task off your hands. That is why many automatic variants can be operated with one arm.

Fly fishing tackle made of a range of materials such as carbon or aluminium

Our fly fishing shop offers you fly reels made of a variety of materials. You will find aluminium models that are characterised by their light weight. Fly reels made of this material are also particularly resistant to UV light. This means that product variants made of aluminium in intense colours maintain their attractive appearance for a relatively long period of time. You will also find carbon fly reels. This type of fly fishing tackle has exceptionally robust physical properties.
 For this reason, these models are of particular interest when looking for variants with a very high load capacity.

Fly fishing shop with light, medium or heavy fly reels

For fish of different sizes as well as weaker or stronger currents, you will discover a wide variety of fly reels in the VOSSELER fly fishing shop, which can be roughly grouped as follows:                       

  • Light fly reels up to line size 6
  • Medium-heavy variants between sizes 7 and 9
  • Heavy fly reels from line size 10
  • Automatic fly reels

The lightweight product variants have a low weight and a below-average diameter. The higher the line size of your selected fly reel, the heavier and larger the products usually are. As such, the light variants are primarily intended for relatively small fish such as trout or grayling. On special feature of these type of products from the fly fishing shop is that you do not fight the fish with the reel. Instead, you give and take the line with your hand. Furthermore, it is usually possible to cast our light fly reels particularly effortlessly without shifting your centre of gravity.

Medium-weight product variants really come into their own once you want to catch sea bass, pike or barbel, for example. Our large fly reels are even suitable for large pike, salmon or barramundi. We also develop models with a longer-than-average backing lines to equip you properly for challenges with very powerful fish species.

A selection of fly fishing tackle with different braking systems.

Automatische Fliegenrolle

In our fly fishing shop, you will find a wide range of fly reels with different braking systems. These include models with brakes that work exceptionally smoothly. Some of the models in our range give you the option of making extremely fine adjustments to the braking resistance and adapting it to individual requirements. Such fly reels make it easier to avoid cracks in the leader. The braking systems in lightweight product variants are often especially matched to these priorities.

In the VOSSELER fly fishing shop, you will also find models with higher-performance braking systems. These include products that are suitable for particularly strong currents. This is what we focus on when developing the larger fly reels. We can also offer you interesting work-around solutions While providing a convincing level of braking power, these models also work relatively softly to allow for the smoothest possible operation. Numerous medium-weight product variants are typical examples of such solutions.

Conclusion Fly fishing shop with products for a wide range of conditions

If you want to use the right tackle to land larger or smaller fish, the huge selection of fly reels and line sizes in our fly fishing shop rarely leaves anything to be desired. We offer versatile solutions for waters with strong or weaker currents, while also providing braking systems to cater for a wide range of requirements. If you have clear preferences in terms of deciding between carbon or aluminium, or between automatic and traditional product types, you are sure to find a suitable product at VOSSELER. Put together a high-quality fly fishing outfit now by buying your desired fly reel in the shop!

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