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With fly-fishing in streams, you can expect to catch smaller-sized, light-weight fish. In the river setting, it’s not unusual to get a bite from more powerful species. And by a calm lakeside, you never know what might turn up. From a small stickleback to a powerful pike, anything’s possible. So it’s a good idea to have a sufficient supply of spare spools to hand. With its latest range of spare fishing reel spools, Vosseler has packed in everything you’ll need as a fishing enthusiast.

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Are spare spools wearing parts?

Fly-fishing is a hobby that exposes materials to a lot of wear and tear. Even the best fibreglass rod, the strongest line, and the highest grade fishing reel reach their limits, sooner or later. The tugging of fish, the weaving of the rod, and the impact of transport will affect your fishing gear, year after year. And spare spools, too, can become damaged from intensive use over the course of time. The integrated drag, in particular, will gradually lose its retarding force. Then, casting and rewinding the line can become less precise than you are used to. So, you should always have a fishing reel with a spare spool with you every time you head for the water.

With its latest range of spare fishing reel spools, Vosseler has packed in everything you’ll need as a fishing enthusiast.

Spare spool design

The spare spools from our fly-fishing shop operate according to either the standard or cassette principle. With the standard model, the line is loosely wound onto the reel. This traditional system is tried and tested and still widely used. Alongside that, Vosseler also has spare spools incorporating the cassette principle. This means that rather than having a pre-fitted line, these spare spools are supplied with an interchangeable cassette. The spare spools therefore have a two-part design. They feature the following components:

  • Reverse side
  • Drag system
  • Front side with hub
  • Line cassette
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The drag is integrated into the reverse side of the fishing reel with spare spool. This is adjusted for the particular application by turning a simple dial. Our spare spools for fishing reels are detachable without tools. Operating the patented turn-and-click system is child’s play. Once the two halves of the spool are separated, the line cassette can be removed and replaced with a different one. The benefit of this system lies in the fact that line cassettes are considerably more affordable than spare spools with an integrated line. They are also lighter. This solution means you’ll always have the perfect fishing lines ready to hand. You can switch your line while still standing in the water,  allowing you to remain calm so as to leave the fish undisturbed.

Offer of replacement spools for fishing reels from the fly fishing shop

Our fly fishing shop has the following selection of replacement spools for fishing reels for you:

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The TRYST spare spool is available in carbon and aluminium versions. It operates according to the standard method with a windable fishing line. Carbon is a combination synthetic material consisting of resin and carbon fibre. This makes the spool housing lightweight and robust. Carbon (CFK) is non-corrosive, moreover Light in weight, aluminium is also non-corrosive and highly durable. A snap-action system fits the spool and housing together. Vosseler exclusively uses CNC-machined parts. They come with guaranteed maximum precision, tightest tolerances, and unvaryingly consistent high-end quality. TRYST spare spools are available as full carbon or solid aluminium versions, as well as a combination design with aluminium spool and carbon housing. The full carbon version is more expensive, but in return is a good deal lighter and more robust than the solid aluminium spare spool.

TRYST spare spools can be converted for right and left-handed anglers.

A gentle press and the spool can be detached from the housing. An audible and palpable click confirms the parts are properly connected. The hub is fitted with a smooth-running, sturdy needle roller bearing, which ensures consistently reliable, no-judder winding and unwinding.TRYST spare spools can be converted for right and left-handed anglers. First, the central screw is removed from the bearing. This enables the bearing to be removed. Rotating the bearing changes the direction of movement.

Aluminium Ersatzspulen von Vosseler

The spool is available in red, blue, or green. Green is a good visual match for fishing gear. The bright colour red ensures that it is quickly found if ever dropped. TRYST spools are available for line thicknesses 3 and 4, 5 and 6, as well as 7 and 8. They can be fully disassembled. This is highly practical for example when replacing the three drag plates inside the spool. These wearing parts are available in our fly-fishing shop. Our fly-fishing shop also stocks the perfect belt pouch for every TRYST spare spool. Made from nylon fabric, these pouches come with a practical Velcro fastener. The integrated loop makes it very comfortable to hang from the belt. And it means your TRYST spare spool is always close to hand.

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