Fly fishing accessories are available in a variety of designs in our shop and are very easy to use for fly fishermen like you.

Fly fishing equipment from VOSSELER

Fly fishing tackle – everything you'll need in addition to fly reels to make a great catch

Fly fishing in peaceful natural surroundings doesn't only give you the chance to make a perfect cast, but also to relax and unwind completely and feel at one with the world. To make sure you can reel in the fish you want, you'll need a fair amount of high-quality gear. So what fly fishing equipment is a must-have?

Fly fishing tackle comprises various elements that are perfectly coordinated so everything works smoothly together. Our shop offers a wide range of fly fishing gear that is super easy for you to use. Why not browse our shop before your next fly fishing trip and put your kit together? We also recommend keeping a supply of spare equipment. That way, you'll have everything to hand if you ever need a spare spool or other gear and won't have to postpone your fly fishing adventure to another day.

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Fly fishing success – the right gear for a good cast

If you're just starting out as a fly angler and aren't quite sure yet what you need from our shop, you can use the following overview as a check list.

Essential fly fishing tackle:

  • Fly rod with fly reel
  • Spare spool
  • Fly line
  • Flies (bait)
  • Landing net
  • Reel lubricant (grease or oil)
  • Waders

It's always worth investing in good protection for your fly fishing gear – you'll find what you need at VOSSELER.

Our shop also offers reel cases for your fly reels. These protect the reels from damp, dirt and mechanical issues so they are in perfect working order when you need to use them. Make sure you don't compromise on storage options, especially when it comes to your tackle. It's always worth investing in good protection for your fly fishing gear – you'll find what you need at VOSSELER.

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Fly rods for fly anglers who want a bit of comfort – what to look out for

As a newcomer, you might want to get a feel for casting with a fly rod first. Fly rod performance matters here. Some fly rods are slow while others are medium-fast or very fast. To start off, we recommend purchasing a fly rod that you can use for practice to learn how to stay in control. Once you've got to grips with all the gear, you can then move up to a faster fly rod.

Choose a 12 ft fly rod for a comfortable fly fishing accessory.

Medium weight fly reel for challenging fly fishing with line class 7 to 9

As a fly angler, you can choose between single-handed and double-handed rods. If you'll mainly be fishing in freshwater, we recommend a single-handed rod, which is also suitable for trout. Hard-fighting fish, on the other hand, require tackle that is up to the task. If this is your thing, you should go for a double-handed rod. As the name suggests, you hold it with both hands for greater stability.

Fly rods also come in varying lengths. If you fish small still waters or bigger rivers, you can choose a 2.8 m to 3 m model.  The next size up for fly fishing from a boat or in larger still waters is the 3.3 m model. If you plan to start out in small streams, you can go for a 1.5 m to 2.4 m fly rod. Would you rather have a fly rod that takes some of the effort out of casting? If so, you can opt for a handy 3.4 m model.

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