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When it comes to fly fishing, the most important thing is the perfect interplay of flies, reels and rods!

Fly reels from VOSSELER

Fly reels for passionate fly anglers: premium German-made reels from VOSSELER

Having the right fly reel is crucial when it comes to enjoying fly fishing. And fishing success should also be a key factor in your choice of reel. That's why avid fly anglers pick premium products when purchasing durable fly reels. VOSSELER offers you a wide range of fly reels.

Your fly reel is the most important part of your tackle when you head off for a day's fly fishing. So you need to choose one that suits you. You can either opt for a classic or an automatic fly reel. Choosing the right VOSSELER model will make all the difference when it comes to positioning your fly. Since VOSSELER's fly reels come in a range of weights and with varied features, the following buying guide will help you make the perfect choice.

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Purchasing a fly reel: key criteria at a glance

So you want to choose a fly reel, but don't know where to start? Are you looking for a classic or an automatic fly reel? Could a lightweight model help you land the fish you want? Or would a heavier reel be a better match for your chosen flies?

If you're an ambitious fly angler, you'll want to look at the following factors when making your choice:

  • Weight
  • Spool size/diameter
  • Drag system
  • Material, including saltwater compatibility
  • Design

Since fly fishing is all about achieving the perfect interplay between fly, reel and rod, it's important that your chosen fly reel matches up to your other equipment. If all the elements are perfectly coordinated, you'll notice the difference when casting your line. And this will ultimately have a big impact on your enjoyment of fly fishing. At the end of the day, it's your free time you're investing in fly fishing and you want it to be fun.

At VOSSELER you can buy a fly reel that offers you consistently high added value.

Purchasing a fly reel: high quality for long-lasting enjoyment

Fly reel durability is another crucial factor that will bring years of pleasure when fly fishing. Whether you opt for a classic or an automatic fly reel, don't compromise on the quality. Make sure you choose a high-performance and good-quality model like those offered by VOSSELER. It will last you a long time and you'll get accustomed to handling it. At VOSSELER, you can buy fly reels that will provide you with consistently high added value.

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Lightweight fly reels for light fly fishing with a line weight of up to 6

Do you want to land freshwater fish such as grayling or trout? If so, we recommend picking one of our lightweight fly reels. These have a small diameter as well as a low weight. When light fly fishing, you pay out the line by hand rather than using the reel. These models hold approximately 50 metres of backing in addition to the fly line.

For light fly fishing, you can also choose a lightweight fly reel with a gentle brake mechanism. The high-quality fly reels from VOSSELER are equipped with a drag system that can be adjusted with precision. This means you can fine-tune the drag resistance to suit your specific needs. It also minimises the risk of damage to the leader. VOSSELER's lightweight fly reels are designed for effortless casting without shifting the centre of gravity. With these reels, you can expect excellent results.

At Vosseler there are fly reels that have a 150 meter backing

Medium-weight fly reels for challenging fly fishing with a line weight of 7 to 9

Are you a fly angler who prefers stronger currents? Then we have just the fly reels you need. With these models, you can land pike, barbel and trout in freshwater and chase redfish, sea bass, mullet and sea trout in saltwater. These fly reels hold around 100 metres of backing so stronger currents and hard-fighting fish won't be a problem.

If you're looking for even more of a challenge with a medium-weight line, you can opt for a fly reel with 150 metres of backing. These models are suitable for chasing hard-hitting species such as Atlantic and Pacific salmon, hard-fighting carp, as well as bluefish, striped bass and steelhead. If you're planning to fish exotic waters, a medium-weight classic or automatic fly reel is an excellent choice. This type of fly reel requires a higher performing brake system. While lightweight fly reels have a very gentle brake, medium-weight fly reels are equipped with a stronger drag system. At VOSSELER, you'll find fly reels that are up to the task yet still run very smoothly and without any jerking.

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