Fly fishing with the may fly - heed these tips!

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Fly fishing - May flyEven beginners in fishing are aware that tying an exquisite bait that suits the season to its leader significantly increases the chances of a big catch. If you follow this resolution and fish in the heart of Germany in the spring, you will not be able to avoid the use of mayflies.

If you have only heard stories of giant brown trout that could be pulled out of the water with the May fly as a delicacy for these fish, you should take these suggestions to heart next spring.

Basics for fishing with the May fly

May fly - fly fishingThe May fly bears its name for a simple reason: In the month mentioned, the flies hatch in the wild and become a real treat on the water surface. Older and experienced trout in particular, who are otherwise careful when choosing their food, venture to the surface with the prospect of a special delicacy.

Fly fishing with the May fly has a long tradition in some German regions, especially the Franconian Switzerland is a mecca for fly fishing with this bait. With a perfect imitation of this fly with its elongated and wiry body, you can of course also enjoy attractive prospects of a big catch.

Fishing with the May fly: Gently and with a high quality pattern

Vosseler fly fishing - May flyThe ideal time to fly fishing with the May fly is in the early morning hours at and after sunrise. After laying eggs or careless flights in the evening and night hour swarms between mid-May and early years in the water fly. If the brown trout are awakened by the sun, they go looking for food and gladly accept the mayflies as a delicacy. Typically, the brown trout search sweeping water for the May flies, if fishing with these flies was made audible. A long and thin leader is just as important as a steady hand, many trout will watch their imitation for a long time and should be heard. It goes without saying that the pattern that was heard was heard, and here something is heard that absolutely belongs.

Make the most of the morning and evening hours

Vosseler Passion - Fly fishing - May flyWhile the advantages of morning fishing with the May fly have already been described, evening fishing is just as worthwhile. At this time of day it is common in the hatching of young flies, many of which will land on the water surface. If you are interested in fishing for May flies alone, you may prefer to devote yourself to your friends and family during the day. The activity of brown trout and other types of trout is significantly reduced in May fly fishing over lunchtime and in the afternoon. Otherwise: With a standardized dry line, a long and thin canopy and an attractive pattern selection with the highest naturalness, you too will experience fishing in a completely new way in late spring!

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