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RC2 (WF #3/6) Fly Reels

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Fun without limits!

Just right for puristic fly fishermen.

The RC-series is simplicity itself. No decoration, no bric-a-brac, no sensitive parts.
It works without a brake system and therefore it is ideal for beginners and for
cool-keeping big-fish catchers alike.

One of its characteristics is the smooth run of its steel center. Within a few seconds,
this reel will be mounted or dismounted without using any tool. The anodized aluminum
RC-reels are available in several combined colors. All are equipped with fine wood handles.
Indeed, this is pure understatement. A reel of the RC-series is an absolute highlight
and any beautiful rod should sport one.

The price for this completely “Made in Germany” precision reel is really attractive.

Weight (approx)
117 gr.
Depth of spool
19 mm
Width of spool
22 mm
Width of reel (without handle)
34 mm
Diameter of reel (without reelfoot)
73 mm

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